Report: Financial value-chain analysis of tuna, shrimp, soy and beef

A Financial value-chain analysis of tuna, shrimp, soy and beef. The report describes itself as: A detailed analysis of which parts of the tuna, shrimp, soy and beef supply chains...

Oceana report on seafood fraud

Press release page and linked to a report by Oceana on seafood fraud WASHINGTON – Today, Oceana released a new report detailing the global scale of seafood fraud, finding...

Ocean Assets Initiative: Presentation on responsible investment in seafood

A pdf presentation from Ocean Assets Initiative looking at the scale and scope of responsible investment into seafood. Source: The Ocean Assets Initiative website.

Ocean Assets Initiative: Website

The website of the Ocean Assets Initiative, which describes itself as: [helping] companies attract European capital for healthy oceans & coastal communities. We focus on projects & companies that deliver...

WWF UK’s finance work landing page

The landing page for WWF UK’s work on finance, described on the website as: At WWF-UK, we perceive finance as a key lever to influence business strategy and corporate...

SeafoodSource: Seafood news website

SeafoodSource describes itself as: The leading international seafood industry resource. provides the latest news, market reports and analysis, commentary and a comprehensive seafood industry supplier directory. Source: The...

IntraFish: Seafood news wwebsite

IntraFish describes itself as: The world’s leading provider of seafood news and information, covering seafood marketing, seafood processing, commercial fisheries and aquaculture. Source: IntraFish

News | Undercurrent News

Undercurrent News is a website whose mission is to bring quality business news and information for the seafood industry, using all the dimensions digital technologies can add. Source: Undercurrent...

Nereus Program: Website

The Nereus Program is a global interdisciplinary initiative created to further our knowledge of how best to attain sustainability for the world’s oceans. The Nereus Program, a collaboration between the...

Report: The Future of Fish in Asia

A report, from 2011, by the Responsible Research (now incorporated into Sustainalytics) looking at the Future of Fish in Asia. Source: Sustainalytics website.

FAO Report: The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture 2016

The 2016 annual report from the FAO on The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture. Source: FAO website.

IIED Fisheries: Landing page

The landing page for the International Institute for Environment and Development’s fisheries work Source: Fisheries | International Institute for Environment and Development

PLOS One Study: Transnational Corporations as ‘Keystone Actors’ in Marine Ecosystems

A study published in PLOS One that redefines Transnational Corporations as ‘Keystone Actors’ in Marine Ecosystems.   Source: PLOS One website.


The website of the FAO’s GLOBEFISH unit. GLOBEFISH is the unit within the FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Department responsible for information and analysis on international fish trade and markets, jointly...

WorldFish: Website

The website of WorldFIsh WorldFish is an international research organization that harnesses fisheries & aquaculture to reduce hunger & poverty. Source: WorldFish | Harnessing research that makes a difference

Fishing for a Future: Website

The website of the Fishing for a Future initiative Source: About us – Fishing for a Future

Ocean Disclosure Project: Website

The landing page for the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership’s Oceans Disclosure Project. Source: Ocean Disclosure Project

Allfish | About Us

The website of the ALLFISH initiative ALLFISH is a public-private partnership created by the seafood industry, working in partnership with the World Bank, FAO and the Global Environment Facility...

Combined IUU Vessel List

The website of the combined online illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) vessel list, which comprises all IUU vessels identified by Regional Fisheries Management organisations (RFMOs). Source: Combined IUU Vessel...

FAO Fishing Vessels Finder (FVF): Website and dataset

The website of the Food and Agriculture Organisation’s Fishing Vessels FInder Source: FAO Fisheries & Aquaculture – Fishery Records Collections – FAO Fishing Vessels Finder (FVF)

Sustainable Seafood Finance: Website

The website for the Sustainable Seafood Finance initiative. Source:

Home – Duchy Fish Quota Company

The Duchy Fish Quota Company has the aim of returning all of the fish quota held in Cornwall, UK, back into the hands of the community. Source: Home – Duchy...

Chris Costello: Research publications

Chris Costello’s landing pager for his research publications. My research fits within three thematic areas: natural resource management under uncertainty, incomplete property rights for natural resources, and applied bioeconomics...

Organisation | Global Aquaculture Alliance

  Who is GAA? The Global Aquaculture Alliance is an international, non-profit organization committed to feeding the world through responsible, sustainable aquaculture. We advocate for improving the entire aquaculture...

International Seafood Sustainability Foundation: Website

The website of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation Source: International Seafood Sustainability Foundation

Ocean Disclosure Project: About

The landing page for the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership’s Ocean Disclosure Project. Source: Ocean Disclosure Project

Sustainable seafood and responsible investment briefing note from the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

A five page investor brifing on sustainable seafood and responsible investment from the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership, in partnership with Aviva Investors and PRI Source: SFP Investment Report WEB-107acce0.pdf